Judging Process

Judging period 

Please note that all categories will be judged on results from the period of February 2023 - January 2024 inclusive.

How the judges are chosen
EGR’s team of independent, external judges is updated each year and is selected to bring a diverse range of in-depth egaming expertise to the judging process. All judges are required to sign a disclaimer form to keep all submitted information and the winners confidential, and are obliged to declare that they have no conflicts of interest prior to judging. The full list of judges will be published after the judging process has been completed so that there is no attempt to influence the judges as this would result in immediate disqualification from the awards.

How categories are allocated to the judges
Groups of judges are allocated categories, which are aligned to their specific market knowledge and avoid conflict of interest. Judges have no access to the submissions or results of categories they are not involved in judging.

The shortlisting process
Awards will only be awarded in categories where two or more submissions have been received. A panel of independent, external judges decide on the shortlist prior to the submissions being sent to the final judges.
EGR does not contribute or have a vote in this process. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Submission feedback
EGR does not share individual judges’ scores and comments, however explanations for the winner of each category will be provided online after the event.
The EGR North America Awards voting process will be officiated by accountancy giant Deloitte. The adjudication by a third-party continues to be a part of EGR's pledge to make the judging process the most stringent in the industry. This ensures that the judging process is completely transparent, and the winners will clearly demonstrate the innovation and commercial success required to be rewarded with this honour.

The EGR North America Awards voting process will be officiated by accountancy giant Deloitte