Sponsorship opportunities


Sponsoring the EGR B2B Awards  is a unique opportunity to engage and network with key decision-makers, raise your company profile and position your brand as a leader in the market. There are a whole range of sponsorship options available. Please contact Debbie Robson or  Georgina Chadfield to discuss your sponsorship requirements and find the right opportunity for you.

Key reasons to sponsor

  • The Awards is one of the most prestigious events in what is an increasingly busy online gambling events calendar
  • Our event will give great visibility for your brand amongst your target audience, and offer several opportunities to connect and interact with them
  • Limited sponsor places ensures maximum audience engagement & high buyer to seller ratio.

Get in touch

Debbie Robson
head of sales
+44 020 7832 6551
Georgina Chadfield
account manager
+44 020 7832 6633